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Items purchased from Canis canis, and e-stores can be exchanged or returned within 30 days from the date of delivery. Without an explanation for returning the items, you will have to cover the return cost yourself. 

  • Please inform us by email about the exchange or return of the product at;

  • Please specify the order number, returned goods, reason for a return, the desired return date and method

  • In the case of exchanging the goods, indicate the desired product;

  • After receiving the email, we will contact you within two-three working days;

  • Please return the products only after receiving the confirmation;

  • The Buyer is responsible for the return of the goods. At the request of the Buyer, we can arrange the return of goods through the courier service. A shipping fee varies country by country. 

You have the right to return or exchange the goods if:

  • The returned or exchanged product was not opened;

  • The goods have not been used and have not lost their commercial appearance (not applicable for returning faulty items);

  • You are not satisfied with the shelf life of the received goods (if there are more than six months left until the expiration date of the goods, such goods are considered to be of good quality. In cases of shorter shelf life, it is clearly stated or otherwise indicated in the online store and on the product);

  • The package of the goods received by you has lost its commercial appearance during transportation or is damaged (please inform us about that on the same day of delivery acceptance);

Goods returned within 30 days must be in order:

  • The returned product must be in the original neat packaging as received from the Seller;

  • The product must not have lost its commercial appearance (clean, undamaged labels, peel-off protective films, and other elements characteristic of the original packaging);

  • The order of the returned goods has to be in the original package as delivered to the Buyer;

  • The product must be packaged securely. It is recommended to pack it in the same packaging as received from the Seller;

  • In the case of returning the product, the Buyer is responsible for its smooth and safe arrival to the Seller.

  • In cases when the reason for returning a product is faulty or a misplaced item, we undertake to selectively replace the wrong product with the right one or return the money.

The money for the returned goods will be refunded to your payment method used to purchase the items unless agreed otherwise. Refunds can take up to 7-10 working days. 

In case when your pet refuses to eat ZENOO food, we will refund you according to the terms & conditions listed above. Please return unused and remaining packaged food to us. We will provide you with information on how to do this. Please contact us by email at