The answers to the most frequently asked questions about RAW nutrition and ZENOO products:

Delivery time ultimately depends on your country. Usually, it takes 2-4 business days after the payment.

The monthly price of the food depends on the weight of your pet. The right amount of food is measured individually by the required calories, according to the pet's weight.

You can pay for your pets' food subscription with a debit or credit card. You have to enter your information once. The payment for upcoming deliveries will be transferred automatically each month. Rest assured, your card data is secure, encrypted and privately stored on

For puppies under the age of one, the daily portion of food is calculated differently than for adults, because the growing body needs to consume more calories. We invite you to contact us by private message or e-mail, and we will choose a suitable nutrition plan for your puppy.

There are usually two ways to switch to a new diet:

The first method is a starvation diet. The pet does not eat anything for 24 hours since the last meal: no treats, bones, etc.. You provide fresh drinking water only. And after 24 hours, offer ZENOO food to your dog. The transition with a starvation diet can be applied to adults and healthy dogs. We don't recommend it for seniors or dogs with serious health problems, young puppies and dogs that have only eaten dry food for a very long time. 

A second transition method is to change your pet's diet gradually. With this method, the diet changes in a little over a week:.

On day 1, the daily portion consists of regular food and a small amount of new food.

For 2-3 days, the daily portion consists of 75% regular food and 25% new food.

For 4-5 days, the daily portion consists of 50% regular food and 50% new food.

On days 6-7, the daily portion consists of 25% regular food and 75% new food.

And from day 8, the whole portion consists only of new food.

Don't be concerned if your puppy has softer bowel movements or vomits in the first few days. The body experiences stress due to a change in diet, and it may result in slight bowel distress. To make the transition smoother, we recommend giving natural probiotics during the transition period. Kefir and natural yogurt will help restore the proper intestinal microflora.

ZENOO food is designed for dogs, but it is also great for cats. For a nutrition plan suited for your cat, please reach out to us with your request via personal message or e-mail

We invite you to contact us by personal message or e-mail Our team will be happy to advise you and make changes to your subscription.